Soft cheese Brie 60% Président

Soft cheese Brie 60% Président
Soft cheese Brie 60% Président
fat content: 60%, net weight: 0,125 kg

Brie is one of the most beloved French cheeses with a long history. In the past, it was the favorite cheese of French kings, and now of the whole world. At first glance, Brie cheese is somewhat similar to Camembert cheese, but Brie has a more refined taste and less intense aroma.

Brie is easily recognized by the slight smell of mold and mushrooms, and during ripening it acquires a barely perceptible sharpness. The crust of Brie has a characteristic pale color with a grayish tint, it is covered with a noble white mold formed by the culture of Penicillium candidum, and it is edible. Brie should be served at room temperature to enjoy the flavor and texture of the soft cheese.

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