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    If stored in improper temperature conditions, natural dairy products can spoil. The main symptoms may be: an unpleasant odor, change in consistency, mold, bloating and others.

    According to our statistics, in 99% of cases the cause of premature damage is a violation of the temperature regime during transportation, storage on store shelves.

    If this has happened to you, write to us about it below, in private messages on our official page in the social network. networks or a hotline: 0 800 500 099

    Be sure to provide the following information to investigate the situation:

    · Lot number;
    · Date of production;
    · Place of purchase (address, name of the point of sale);
    · Product photo / video.

    And we will find out the reason and compensate production.


    The size of the file is not guilty of changing 25 MB

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