Blue cheese Gorgonzola Cremoso 48% Galbani

Blue cheese Gorgonzola Cremoso 48% Galbani
Blue cheese Gorgonzola Cremoso 48% Galbani
fat content: 48%, et weight: 0,1500g

Gorgonzola Cremoso is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Italian cheese, made using Galbani’s tradition and experience. It is lightly blue-veined and medium-ripened, very creamy and easy to spread. Cremoso is made with pasteurised cow’s milk from the area under the Protection Authority of Gorgonzola Cheese.
Its character and creamy taste are particularly appreciated by blue cheese connoisseurs. Thanks to its resealable pack, Cremoso can be stored easily in the fridge after opening without losing its delicious flavor. Enjoy it on a slice of bread, in salads, on pizzas, in pasta and on top of vegetable gratins.

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