Fresh cheese Mascarpone 78% Castelli

Fresh cheese Mascarpone 78% Castelli
Fresh cheese Mascarpone 78% Castelli
fat content: 78%, net weight: 0.500 kg

Originally from the south west of Milan but now widely made throughout Italy. Mascarpone is a smooth cream cheese and is milky white to pale yellow in colour. Flavour is closer to thick cream than cheese.Widely used as an ingredient in Tiramisu and cheesecake.

Delicious in savoury dishes such as risotto and as a base for sauces. Excellent on its own, with fresh fruit or as an alternative to cream. Perfect to use in cooking as it does not separate and typically has a longer shelf life than cream. Savoury flavour which lends itself well to savoury and sweet dishes, unlike some of the sweet Mascarpone cheeses on the market.

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