Creame lactose free, 8%, “Comfort” Lactel

Creame lactose free, 8%, “Comfort” Lactel
Creame lactose free, 8%, “Comfort” Lactel
fat content: 8%, net weight: 0,475 kg

Lactose-free cream Lactel “Comfort” is easily digested by the human body, maintaining a comfortable feeling.
Therefore, it is suitable even for those who have difficulties with the digestion of milk sugar – lactose, which is contained in ordinary dairy products, because Lactel “Comfort” contains only up to 0,01% of lactose.
Lactel “Comfort” has all the benefits of regular cream and is suitable for the whole family.
Lactel. Give the Essential

Lactel is the #1 brand in France with 50 years of experience in the production of milk and dairy products

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