SANTAL plant-based almond drink, sugar-free

SANTAL plant-based almond drink, sugar-free
SANTAL plant-based almond drink, sugar-free
fat content: 2,2%, net weight: 1,000 kg

Santal, a trusted brand. N°1 on fruit-based drinks in Italy, where it originated. An expertise for 40 years. Delicious products enjoyed by millions of consumers in 130 countries worldwide.
Santal, a naturalness-oriented brand. Plant-based drinks a free from:

  • NO coloring;
  • NO preservative;
  • NO lactose;
  • NO sugar added;
  • Ingredients of natural origin.
    • Almond drink contains the following micronutrients: calcium, phosphorus; and vitamins: A, D, E, B1, B3, B6, B9, C.
      Plant drinks are a useful alternative to milk. Suitable for:

      • people who fast;
      • vegans;
      • people with lactose intolerance;
      • those who love new tastes.
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