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The influence of dairy products with lactulose on the microbial biocenosis of bowels. Results

Among the numerous factors that regulate any person’s health and her or his working capacity, a significant place is occupied by the use of dairy products in food with improved biological properties. The quality and preservation of flora of these and all other dairy products are highly controlled throughout all possible period of realization in trading network.

The aim of research was to determine the biological effectiveness of dairy products (kefir), which included lactulose as the prebiotic component. Considering that kefir with lactulose – a product for retail sales, supervision group was formed by random selection without preceding examination.

At first experts defined a microflora structure of the product. The main attention was paid to the biological activity of microorganisms - lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and the existing of specific kefir ferment. The results confirmed the compliance of the actual microbial features and product formulation.

Patients, who used the product in research, had some serious changes in the structure of microbial biocenosis in spite of the fact, that most of randomly selected people considered themselves almost healthy. So, lactulose negative collibacillus was found in 50% of patients, and it exceeded 108 CFU/g in 20% of patients. Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria in patients of this group were recorded within 107-109 CFU/g, which corresponded to the optimal figures, but the spore-forming flora stood at 75% of patients. Kefir with lactulose was included in traditional food as an additional mealtime. It meant that patients changed neither nutrition, nor regime.

Every day for three weeks patients ate 0.5 liters of Dairy products. Only dose was regulated for them, the time of reception was chosen as they saw fit. Preferably the product was eaten by day and in the evening, before bedtime.

The second research of bowels microflora showed next results:

  • the quantity of normal E. coli, which ferments lactose, recorded in the usual range in all patients, and lactulose negative collibacillus has practically disappeared;
  • the spore-forming flora decreased in 50% of patients;
  • The number of bifidobacteria was in one or two orders greater after the product ingestion at 70% of patients, the number of lactic acid bacteria remained the same.

Thus, the use of dairy products with lactulose in nutrition have improved the microbial biocenosis of bowels and the number of beneficial microflora was increased. Moreover, these products should be used even if people have unbalanced meal and lack of proper regime.

Nadiya Melnychuk