Lactalis: 22 years in the Ukrainian market

Lactalis Group (until 1999 — Besnier), France, is a family-owned company with unique traditions and 85-years history of dairy products manufacturing culture development..

Today the Group is represented by 240 plants in 47 countries, and its products, including the world's famous brands President, Galbani, and Parmalat, have captured the hearts of the consumers in 88 countries. The company employs over 80 000 staff.

Believing in agricultural and industrial potential of Ukraine, Lactalis became the first investor for the dairy industry of our country in 1996. As a result, a French-Ukrainian joint venture was founded on the basis of Mykolayiv Municipal Dairy Plant for production of butter and casein, and, later, the entire range of traditional dairy products.

To overcome lack of milk, one of the major problems of those times, the investor adopted the best French practices of cooperation with private farms. Thus, Lactalis became the first company in Ukraine to implement the practice of raw materials procurement funding. The company also established milk collection points equipped with cooling tanks and mini-laboratories that met sanitary and veterinary standards in many villages. Today, the company owns 70 milk collection points all over Ukraine.

The next step in the Group's development in Ukraine was made in 2007, when Lactalis acquired Pavlograd dairy plant "Milk House, Ltd." (ООО «Молочный Дім»). This plant is one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate glazed curd bars and UHT-milk in Ukraine.

As industrially oriented company, Lactalis has invested funds in complete technical and technological re-equipment of Mykolaiv and Pavlograd plants, and today both of them meet European manufacturing standards.

Focusing on assurance of quality and food safety of its products, Lactalis organized trainings on safety management system and internal audits for its personnel in Ukraine. HACCP system has been successfully implemented and integrated system of quality and food safety management has been certified according to the requirements of ISO standards. The program for tracking products throughout the production chain is in place for effective control of raw materials and finished products. "It’s not possible to achieve leadership without quality" — these words of Michel Besnier, the son of the founder of the Group and its leader for 40 years, became the corporate slogan of the company.

Currently Lactalis Ukraine produces about 250 different products under well-known brands: President, Dolce, Lactonya, Lactel, Fanny, and Loko Moko. The company employs over 750 employees. Thanks to their professionalism and hard work, Lactalis is being one of the leader in such segments of the Ukrainian market as: Cottage Cheese ("Tvorozhna Tradytsia" under President), Sour cream in plastic cups ( President) and Cottage Desserts (Dolce). Moreover, the credo of "Lactalis" in Ukraine remains unchanged for 22 years: "The products should be tasty, high-quality and useful".