Our heritage


LAСTOPOLЕ - a unique museum in Laval (France) that covers the whole dairy world.

Everyone can view the original equipment and the most innovative technology of dairy products. There are original exhibits in museum from the private collection of M.Besnier - about 500 different labels for camembert cheese!

Do you ever wonder, how oil mill since time of Marie Antoinette looks like, wooden press for the Emmental production, dating from the year 1895, or modern African calabash ...?

Welcome to the LAСTOPOLE museum!

President Farm

PRESIDENT Farm was established, perhaps, for fans of the most legendary French Camembert cheese. The farm is situated in a French village of Normandy region, where the first Camembert was produced in 1791 thanks to Marie Harel. 

There is a legend about the origin of this cheese that really is the most beautiful of all existing "cheese" stories. According to this legend, young Norman woman Harel hid the priest in her farmhouse during the French Revolution and he thanked her by giving her his cheese recipe. The priest shared her the secret of making soft cheese with moldy crust, which he got from a fungal culture. Her cheeses gained popularity very quickly, and then her grandson became a Vendor of His Majesty Court, the Emperor Napoleon III, who was fascinated by Camembert taste.

Discover all the secrets of Camembert production and enjoy the inimitable taste ...

Roquefort Caves

Roquefort Société company (Part of Lactalis Group) invites you to visit the original caves of seventeenth century, where Roquefort cheese matures.

The secret of its production, are still kept in secret, thus true Roquefort can only appear in one place - in Roquefort-sur-Sulzon caves in Kombalu mountainous areas. Actually, the main feature of Roquefort cheese in its period of maturing, which should occur in a limestone cave on the oak shelves with the excellent ventilation. In 1411 Charles issued a decree about obligatory order of Roquefort maturation in these natural caves.

Every year about 170,000 tourists visit the Roquefort Societe Caves. We advise you to visit the caves in the most favorable period - from January to June.